Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 28

I did a piece today called "Rejoice". I thought, "gee, this looks like Easter and maybe I should save it for a while". But then, my precious baby granddaughter, who calls me "mimmee" had to go to the ER because of an insect bite. My daughter heard that "still, small voice within her and called me". We knew that it was time to call the doctor. She was having a severe reaction to some kind of a bite, although no bite mark was evident. The doctor immediately sent her to the Emergency Room after he examined her. She is home tonight and we are so grateful to a loving, caring God who hears us and knows what we need before we call to Him. My own Mother nearly died from of all things an insect bite, so we feel so happy and grateful and so humbled. Here is my Rejoice piece, a bit early for Easter, but then isn't every single day Easter. Much Love, Glenda