Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yes, missing again

I know, missing again.  But this time, we have been moving and painting and moving and painting and putting in flooring.

We did move to the country.  It is a home with big possibilities but more work than we could have ever thought. If you have ever watched that awesome show Fixer Upper about The Gaines family from Waco, Texas, who buys homes and pretty much "guts" them and makes a beautiful home.  Well, I wish we had hired them.  But, we didn't.  And we are trying to do all of it ourselves.  There is not one single room that didn't need tons and tons of work.  I will show you some of the pictures of the outside, but I would be so embarrassed to show the inside.

Okay, here goes.  I have some more but have realized that I am too inept about this stuff to move a photo from my ipad to my documents.  So, I will be nostalgic and take some pictures with my camera and post some more later.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Missing in action......again

I know, I was going to post more often.  Fell off that wagon again.  But I do have news.

We sold our home in Topeka, but the husband still wanted a weekend getaway.  So, we have now bought a home in the country here in Texas.  We are thinking about making it our permanent home.
We are in the process of selling the home in Mckinney and downsizing.  We really need to.  It is too big for us now.  I am trying not to be impatient.  The country place needs a ton of work.  So, it may be a while before we can move.

My scanner and computer are boxed up and I cannot add pictures from my ipad.  At least if I can, I havent figured it out yet.  And I have no wifi or even tv up there.

I did join Dailypaintworks but cant put anything else up there for now. I think I am going to like it though.  Most of the artists work small, like I love.

No pictures, but hey, I did update.  Lord willing, we will sell this home in Mckinney quickly and I can get back to making some paintings!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Impasto oil florals

Back to impasto for a while.  The thing about oil paints is that even with a medium to hurry them along in their drying process, it still takes quite a while.  Especially when the art is as thick as the impasto florals that I love to do.

So, I have to make some and let them sit and dry for several weeks.  I know there are people who mail their impasto too soon and they stick to the bubble wrap and other packing materials.  It does leave an imprint on the art surface.  So, if you do impasto, make sure that they are ready to send off to their new home!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Just relaxing with the greyhound

I think I blogged about this before, but if I did it was a bit ago. We went to the Mercantile building in Frisco, Texas (I never know what to call it, it isn't a flea market or an antique mall but has booths for commercial products an art) and ending up adopting a retired racer greyhound. We had to be checked out and had a home visit with the sponsors before we could bring him home.

He had this awful name, I won't even repeat it.  So, we immediately changed it.  His new name is Chase.  Appropriate huh?  He was 5 years old which is about when they retire them.  He raced in over 110 races, but we don't know how many he won.

He never met a cat, a small dog, stairs and he definitely had not been loved.  We conquered all those things.  But, I still get upset when I see his legs.  They are so scarred up.  Taking him to a new vet a couple of times means explaining that we have not abused him.  Makes me sad.  But we know he loves us and when he gets excited he still hurts himself on the various forms of steps in and outside out home.  He is the most sensitive and sweet dog we have ever had.

Here is a recent pic of Chase.  He has five M and M pillows.  He carries them everywhere.  He even, umm, takes them outside then accidentally pees on them.  So, we need a lot.  He also has a Tony the Tiger pillow but for now, it is missing in action.

Here is our sweet boy.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Experimenting with combining other media and alcohol inks

I get bored so easily.  I don't know if in art that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Sometimes it leads to something great.  This idea is very simple, but I think it has great possibilites.

Using Stazon black ink, I added some stamping to one of my simple alcohol pieces.

I did have to go back and with a permanent marker, make the birds a little darker.  I like the way it turned out.  Next, I will try some gold leafing and whatever else that I can drag up out of the back of the closet!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

More alcohol inks

A few more alcohol ink pieces.  I have been remiss in writing because the husband and I have decided to purchase a small home at the lake (Lake Texoma) and we have been going back and forth to see what was available.  I think we exhausted the little cabins in our price range, so we will try again in the fall.  This is a huge compromise as my husband, who is a bit of a prepper (he started canning food and he is learning how to catch rain water or something for drinking in an emergency).
Okay, yes, he needs something to do.  Anyway, he wanted to get 22 acres in mid-Texas and live in the woods (ugh), so I freaked out and decided to help him find something NOT on 22 acres in the woods.

I promised myself that I would not stop blogging, so here are a few of the alcohol pieces that I have done.

The second picture is on a frosted subway tile.  My local Home Depot and Lowe's didn't have these so I had to send from them.  I use a very great company named Tile Bar.  You can send for samples for a reasonable price and try them out.  Their stock does change constantly, but so far, so good for what I needed.  The tiles are a great way to start with alcohol ink.  You can wipe them off with alcohol and start over if you hate what you have done.

Off to join the circus.  I am determined to get back to impasto today.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Alcohol inks on yupo

I had to write a bit about alcohol ink art.  I have neglected it a bit since I found impasto (thick thick paint) on canvas art. So, here is a couple of pieces that I did just before I jumped ship.

This is a piece that is actually on a white subway tile.  I love it so much that I put it up on Etsy, then I took it down, then I put it back up.  This went on for a while.  Right now, it is still in one of my favorite pieces in my art room.

And another
This is a piece on my Baker's rack in my kitchen.  Can't seem to part with it either.

Hope you enjoy seeing them.

I am not doing articles for magazines or submitting anything at all anymore.  Stampington publications were always good to me and I always enjoyed the pieces that they asked me for and the ones that I just submitted.  But I kept seeing the same things over and over and they changed editors so very very many times after Jenny Doh I retired from the print media.  Who knows, maybe one day I will send in something else.