Saturday, June 27, 2015

Alcohol inks on yupo

I had to write a bit about alcohol ink art.  I have neglected it a bit since I found impasto (thick thick paint) on canvas art. So, here is a couple of pieces that I did just before I jumped ship.

This is a piece that is actually on a white subway tile.  I love it so much that I put it up on Etsy, then I took it down, then I put it back up.  This went on for a while.  Right now, it is still in one of my favorite pieces in my art room.

And another
This is a piece on my Baker's rack in my kitchen.  Can't seem to part with it either.

Hope you enjoy seeing them.

I am not doing articles for magazines or submitting anything at all anymore.  Stampington publications were always good to me and I always enjoyed the pieces that they asked me for and the ones that I just submitted.  But I kept seeing the same things over and over and they changed editors so very very many times after Jenny Doh I retired from the print media.  Who knows, maybe one day I will send in something else.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

More impasto oil painting

Aha, I am still hooked on impasto.  Problem is, it truly is an art form of painting that not too many people know about.  And it is sooo much fun.  Yep, I am trying to get some converts.

You can use acrylic paint to do impasto and some do, but if you can use oil, the paintings are so much brighter and although it takes longer to dry (okay, so that is an understatement) but it is worth it.
I have done both, and I keep going back to oil.

Here is my latest.  And I am going bigger.  I don't know what it is about me, but I just delight in doing small pieces of art.  This one is 8 x 10.

This would look so good in a kid's room, but also a grown up bedroom or a small piece for over an end table.  I have several just propped up in shelving.  Easy to change them out.

Yes, I will go on doing alcohol art pieces, but for now, I am intent on ruining ALL of my clothes with oil paints.  I may have to break down and wear an apron....naaaaa.....not yet.

I think my comment section is disabled.  However, if you should want to contact me, I do better with my

Monday, June 22, 2015

What is impasto art?

Well, it didn't take long for some of my friends to email me and say "Hey, missy, what on earth IS impasto?"

Impasto can be either acrylic or oil painting.  I found out pretty quick that although I got oil paint all over my clothes when I use it, that it was a good thing in the long run.  I can come back the next day to a piece that I made and make corrections.  Something that acrylic paints will never let you do.
So, for now oil it is.

Impasto is thick, thick, painting.  I do it with a palette knife which helps keep that buttery, frosting look.  It stands up off the canvas and makes a gorgeous presentation.  I have found that the depth can be fairly low or by using an impasto medium, it can go to fairly great heights.

As usual, when I begin with a new medium, I cannot seem to find a lot of newer work with explanations from seasoned artists to guide me along.  The same thing happened to me several years ago when I embarked on a mission to learn to use encaustics (resin and beeswax).  I actually think that might be a good thing, but at first it is pretty frustrating.

This time, the experience wasn't so expensive.  All you need to start out with is oil paint, some impasto medium, some canvases and a couple of palette knives.  I find out as far as the knives go, I bought lots, only use a few.  And then practice, practice, practice.

My first pieces were pathetic, but then again, you can scrape the canvas off, and start again.

So, thick, thicker, thickest paint, applied with a palette knife and an apron (well, really, to be honest I cannot even eat without food on my shirt, so maybe most of you can skip the apron).

Here are a few more pieces

It does take a couple of weeks for the canvases to be ready to hang, sell, or handled.  The oil dries slowly.  I am experimenting with another gel medium and a spray to see if I can get them to dry before somebody decides to put an elbow in them here at my art room.

But, having fun.  A LOT of fun.

Impasto art with oils

Once again, I have found a new art love.  Sometimes I wonder if I have missed a single thing.
I would have said "Nope, will NEVER use oil paints".  And now here I am, with a brand new direction.......impasto oil painting.

I found another artist who was doing some of this kind of work and immediately knew that I had to try it.  After so so much practice, and so much of a learning curve for oil paints.....Hey, I think I've got it.  It has become my newest passion.  No, of course I have not forgotten about alcohol inks. They have just been relocated to the back burner for a time.

I am currently working on canvases that are 6 x 6 inches with 1 1/2 inch deep edges.  I thought this would be good for me to start on, and now I really think that by using a small format, I can make affordable, fun art that I love and anybody can afford.

Here are some of my NEW impasto pieces.

I would LOVE to hear from others who have tried oil paints!!!!

These are listed in our Etsy store, and more fun fun oils to come soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alcohol ink painting with markers

I have decided that summer just isn't a great time to get any art done.  Life keeps on getting in the way.  Having fun with the grandkids, but missing my time to do some serious art.  Since I found out that alcohol inks were so versatile and there is so much more to experiment with, I guess my mind keeps floating away to my art room.

I did manage to expand a bit and found out that hey, if you don't have all the colors of alcohol ink that you might want and you did have some alcohol markers, a great piece could be done with using the markers.  Also, you can buy from my favorite Dick Blick online, a fairly large set of Prismacolor makers for not so very much.  Just make sure that you are buying alcohol markers and not waterbased. 

I did this piece with just markers, a small applicator bottle filled with 91% alcohol from Walgreens, a blender pen for alcohol markers, and of course, some yupo.  I am still in awe of the colorful, shiney images that you can do.  The inks just make everything look good.  I matted this one with a black mat.  Every time I look at it, I think "what happened to me, I used to work basically in earth tones".  Nice change.

Oh yes, Copic markers are alcohol based.  I think they probably say "solvent based".  They are gorgeous and they do sell the refills.  I just love them, but I find the refill bottle to be hard to use straight from the tip and I waste a lot. 

Here is my latest.  Again, just using markers. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting started in alcohol ink painting

Finally gave up and sent for a new scanner.   Oooooh, I love it.  So, I really should be able to stop promising and get some new work up.  Have to take time to do some pieces with my granddaughter also.  She jumps around like a bunny, choosing one art medium and then another.  Wonder where she gets that.

Alcohol inks seem to be getting very popular.  I have noticed that more people are creating using the inks and wow lots of new works on Etsy.  Lots of downloads and prints for sale.  Reserving judgment.  I believe the beauty of working the inks is partly the yupo paper most of us work on.  But then I haven't tried printing anything of mine.  Can't print on the yupo.  I didn't even try with all the warnings on their website.  It is polyester, guess it isn't friendly with printer ink.

You can work on ceramic tiles rather than the yupo.  Haven't done that either.  I am stuck on this yupo.  If you want to try, Dick Blick sells yupo in pads.  If you want the thicker stuff, you have to go to the website for yupo and order a ream.  But, one can certainly get started with the pads.

As for the inks, I use Ranger inks, available at most craft stores, Spectrum alcohol pen refills which I get from Blick and Pinata inks, which are difficult to find. Pinata is the only brand that has a white, I am still experimenting to find a substitute.

I also used canned air to blow the ink around.  Here is a flower piece done with the canned air. Office Depot calls it "cleaning duster". 

This is the piece that my granddaughter did with the canned air.  I will frame it for her room.  Not bad, huh?


Join me in trying alcohol ink painting.  There is soooo much more!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Vacation among the trees and squirrels

We are off to Topeka for a bit.  I am working on some more alcohol art, but my scanner evidently would have preferred to stay in Texas.  So, we are still working on it and will hopefully get some more work up this weekend.

Technology stuff, ugh.