Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well, I am completely exhausted. I taught a class today at Stamp Asylum on collage mechanics and we did a bird collage in the workshop. If anybody who took the class is reading the blog, you guys are absolutely the BEST. I think that is was one of--no it was the nicest class that I have ever taught. Everybody was so nice and patient and the work was extraordinary. I think that each piece was a gift worth giving to someone you love, or keeping for that matter. And you all let me be roudy and raucous and chatter on. So, I appreciate you all. I haven't taught for a long time because of a lot reasons, not the least of which is that I was just tired. I have actually been teaching something or someone since I was a little girl. My mother said I sat my dollies up in a line and was downright bossy with them, repeating everything that I learned at school that day.

My Mother was like me and she told the teacher that I repeated the whole day with my dollies when I got home. Hey, I was 4. Let's just say Mrs. Dietrich did not think that was charming. My father and I (think about that for a while, it's just plain weird) had the same teacher at PS 23 in Yonkers, New York. That was before I was a Texan.

Anyway, it was a great class and I sure hope that I didn't chase anybody away from collage work. Cause it is fluid and it is sooo fun. Thank you all who attended. You all blessed me and it was great!