Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Faux Metal Technique

I have been asked several times to explain the faux metal technique that I used on the Mixed Media Monday piece. I used that silver metal looking tape that is from the Home Depot. It is sticky on the back side. It's not duct tape, but another silver tape about the same width as duct tape. Tore it into strips, crumpled it up a bit in my hand and just laid the strips on a canvas, some longer pieces, some shorter. I did take one of those surreated (sp) edged little wheels that seamstresses use and run it across the tapes to add even more texture. Then, painted with red oxide paint, followed by a brown. Wiped off a little. That is it, very easy. Not my original idea, but a good one!!!


PaperBouquet said...

Thanks for sharing. : )


mary schweitzer said...

Thanks for your coments re my lesson learned. Big Sad Sigh!
I really like your work. My fave is the cigar box lid.
Would you be interested in doing a link exchange?

Jillian said...

Hi Glenda. Your MM piece is awesome!! Thanks for the "how to" metal tape lesson.

Altered Route said...

^Thanks for sharing the extra info on this...I sure like the look and love playing with that tape.

peggy gatto said...

very clever technique with beautiful results!
thanks so much

Marta said...

thank you for sharing, Glenda! It looks absolutely wonderful!