Thursday, February 7, 2008


The wind is blowing fiercly, the sun is shining. Pretty typical day in Texas. But at least it's not too cold. My heart goes out to those who are having the awful storms and the people who have died due to the tornados and the weather. We certainly have an understanding of the devastation of tornados. Very seldom we have a year when we don't have to gather up the pillows and the animals and find a room to wait out one of them. Hopefully, there will be no more news like that for a very very long time.

I did make some more art. It was a fun day as far as making something a little different. A little deviation from the norm for me. I did quite a few magnets. They are big and I used a lot of my collages that were sold in the past few years as the central piece. Priced them very inexpensively. Hope you like them, they are up on Etsy. Our Etsy shop is


Alexas Art Blog said...

I am impressed by your works totally.
You make really lovely things.

kathy mc said...

I always love coming to your blog. Such great eye candy. Love your art.

Silvia said...

Your magnets look fantastic, great idea.
We've had no real winter here in Germany this year... And now I'm waiting for Spring ;-)

Angela Sumner said...

these pieces are so beautiful. i love your blog and will be visiting more often!

pelecypods said...

Your items are wonderful. I especially like the needle felted things you make.

I am going to put your blog mine.