Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We did! We got snow. About two inches. It is so beautiful. We just don't get snow in the Dallas area but every few years. It is especially nice because the streets are clear and the animals aren't refusing to go out. They know when it is icy and we have an awful time. Think dragging a doberman down the stairs outside and across the yard on the ice! But, it's beautiful and still safe today. LOVE it.
I did this piece. It's a tiny little stretched canvas and I put it up on Etsy.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Glenda, I love this piece! The look in the young girl's eyes is wonderful.

Snow in Dallas! We had the tail end of the same storm, and it sent a lot wind and cold. We get snow maybe every 5 - 7 years. Enjoy it for a few days!

Faye said...

This is really pretty. And congrats on snow in Dallas! It's so much better than ice (which we get a lot of).