Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Well, Alisha is off to Mexico on vacation and I have Mimi duty this week.
It's fun, but it sure is exhausting. Gotta watch the little one like a hawk. She colors the bedspread, the carpet, the dog, just whatever she sees. And, she wants to color ALL DAY. I wonder if she will follow in my footsteps and Alisha's? That would be really exciting. In the meantime, I do not dare make any color suggestions about whether
Veggies in Veggie Tales should be green or multi colored! Or whether one should stay in the lines. I say no, she says yes. She's 3. But, like her mother, she does indeed boss me around. It's okay. I wonder if they are going to let me watch American Idol? lol
Probably won't see any work from me this week.......
Having fun in Texas,

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Jean Levert Hood said...

You are a brave on, Glenda! It hit 95 degrees here today! Hope that little one can get outside and burn off some of that energy!