Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday surprise

Got a surprise today. The new issue of Handcrafted was in my mailbox. It said it was a complimentary copy so I wasn't sure whether they just drew my name out of a hat or I had something published. Handcrafted is the Somerset publication where they pull from all of their publications for one issue. Surpise was there was a card using Style Stones that I know I must have done about five years ago. It says it was in Take Ten. I definitely don't remember. But here it is. I like the other girl's a lot on the page!


The Bag Lady's Art said...

Very cool Glenda! I think it is a high compliment that they used past work for this issue. All things old are new again! I've never seen Style Stones, it looks really fun! Congrats, we can all take as many of those surprises as possible:-)
I'm really loving your latest pieces, love the vintage ecclectic feel, you maintain a good balance of interesting things without overdoing it, bravo!

Kim said...

WELL! I just saw the article Alisha wrote for Sew Somerset , with gorgeous work from both of you - so congratulations on that too sweetie!