Monday, February 23, 2009

More little books

Yes, more little books. I finished up some that I had started previously. I definitely need to get some other things done.

Tommorrow I am starting a digital layer class with Mind Wide Open. I always use an antiquated version of Picture It and although Photoshop Elements is sitting there, I never use it. So, I knew that if I took a class, it would force me to learn. I am so excited about it. I would hate to tell you how I do layers now. I am sure I will have something to show you before long.
Oh yes, these are on Etsy. The one with the rose is a transfer using the hand sanitzer that I did the tutorial on in a prior blog posting. So, someone asked me if it works on fabric, and it does. The flower was transferred to a piece cut from a repurposed vintage handkerchief.


ArtSnark said...

ooh Glenda - the magic you will perform in digital!

Chris said...

I'm loving your books, Glenda.

Look forward to seeing you on the digital workshops. :-)

Kathy said...

Good for you for taking that step, I simply can not do anything else on this computer right now. My butt is gonna be huge!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have fun and I KNOW you will have wonders to show us.