Monday, March 8, 2010


I have been pathetic about keeping up with my blog lately.  I am still working on my upcoming encaustic art classes which will be online at CraftEdu. 

Hopefully, I can get past the learning curve that I have had and get back to making art and writing on my blog.  Don't give up on me.  Oh, and Mixed Media Mondays too.  Haven't done that in ages and I miss it over there. My Etsy shops are also being neglected, but I seem to just have a one track mind and (well, maybe it's just my age is showing) right now it's total tunnel vision for me.

Back soooooon.

Hugs, Glenda

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ArtSnark said...

Amazing how life gets in the way of our good intentions, isn't it?

And I don't think it you age as much as this age we live in!

Thinking of you & hope all is well