Friday, June 18, 2010

New journal

I think that paper and journals and notebooks and such can be an addiction.  For me, to have them and then to make them.  I know that it is better than having little notes written up all over the house and then losing them, but maybe I should just think of myself as a "journal collector" and that would give me a really good excuse.

Well, I am making them again as well as buying them.  I guess that is good!!!  This one is actually one that Alisha started.  She is fearless and never studies anything but jumps right in to things.  I never, ever do that.  Sometimes it has been really good for us and served us well.  When we collaborated on articles and such, I just studied and read and Alisha just "did".  Well, she just "did" start this handmade fabric and I finished it and made a journal cover.  Very different for us.  Hope to do some more. 


Bunny said...

Love your artwork just beautiful.

Amanda Trought said...

It was great to visit your blog, will definitely be back:)