Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pockets and Pouches

I have been making these little pockets, pouches for about a month now.  I love making them.  They come with two small tagswhich are included when I have sold them.  And wow, the French theme.  So big.  Not crazy about Marie Antoinette particularly, but love everything French themed.  So, so far most of my pouches have been along that line.  But, I was totally inspired by some of the new Somerset publications, (Somerset Life) and it has really got my creative juices to going strong. That magazine really is just simply beautiful.  And, also Somerset Home.  I hope they never stop publishing these two.  Here are some; I plan to make larger ones this week also.  Hmmm, wonder if Ishould keep one and actually get organized instead of spending half my time searching for things. Well, maybe not, getting too old to change now.


Beth said...

Hey Glenda! Thanks for the mention on HOME. I had a really great time putting it together. I am so happy with it and glad you are too!

Coleen said...

I love this Glenda. I really like doing things with lace too. Lovely work.