Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally Art At The Speed of Life almost available

A week or so ago, another nice surprise arrived in my mailbox. A complimentary copy of the new book by Pam Carriker that my daughter and I were invited to contribute to. It is available at Amazon and right now is pre order but will be available any day now.

I did an article on encaustics with step by steps. They did a good job and all of the written instructions are included to get anyone a great start to working in this art medium. Alisha and I also collaborated and wrote an article on how we stay organized since we both are involved in so many different arts. That was fun.

Soo, hope you will check the book out at Amazon, Barnes And Noble or your favorite craft store. It is an exceptional book, you will love it.

I have had art ADD again lately and am painting again. Keeps me happy and always inspired. Only thing is explaining to my husband why I need MORE art stuff. Well.....I just do.


Liz-Anna said...

I should probably pre-order cause I imagine it's going to sell fast! Can't wait to see your article in it, Glenda!

HeArt Collective said...

I had no idea that my affliction has a name! Art ADD!!!

So cool... LOL to know I'm in good company with said affliction :)


Rusted Wings said...

congratulations glenda!! i am looking forward to getting a copy asap!!