Thursday, March 29, 2012

TwoCoolTexans meets fabric and paper

Not new for me.  But somehow no matter where I venture into the art world, I always come back to using fabric and paper.  I am currently making some mini notepad holders and using, yes, mostly fabric but some paper also.

For now, gone are the days of encaustics.  I will never understand how people can mail encaustics in the summer and it get to its destination without a melt puddle.  Well, honestly, maybe it is because they don't live in Texas.  Because we had such a mild winter (we HAD winter, yes???), I got almost no encaustics done.  Sad.  Made me sad. So, glendabaileydesigns will be making inactive my encaustic work soon.  It's not 100 yet.  Not quite yet.  Looks like it will stay in the 80's for now. 

But, I am back to doing that fabric thing again.  Here are a couple of my notepad organizers that are on Etsy.  I made them using the fabric and paper strips challenge that Alisha and I did a while back.  If you would like to try it yourself, just go back in my blog and you can find it.  Since (my bad) I am not keeping up here very well, you won't have far to go to find it.

So here are a couple.  I love these.  Addicted.

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Rose said...

Hi Glenda!
I love your little notebooks, I finally started using the small one I purchased from you a while ago. It's so pretty I had a hard time starting to use it but it now holds the start of my 1,000 gifts list.
PS, I live in Mansfield Texas now!