Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hello again, where have I been

Truly, where have I been?????  Time does indeed fly when you are having fun.  Too fast.  With the advent of pinterest (which I love, love, love), I guess I spent all my extra time perusing over there and once again disappeared from my blog.

So, my daughter, the other half of TwoCoolTexans has flown the proverbial coop and moved to Kansas.  Kansas.  8 hours away by car.  8 hours with husband,  three dogs and me, a person who absolutely hates to travel.  I have been on a plane once in like 20 years.  And worse for the car.  But, one has to do what one has to do.  I mean, it is a big car, truck actually, a Hummer.  But the movie thing doesn't play the dvds so my poor husband has to listen to me drone on.  I can use the Ipad most of the time unless it doesn't get a signal for a time.  So, we manage, but it is not fun. 

Well, part of where I have been.  Since my daughter moved her nest and my grandchildren to guessed it.  We bought a home in Kansas also.  Right down the street from her.  My grandaughter who is 7, insisted that it be no further than down the same street.  So, it is.  No, we didn't move from Texas.....we just added on so to speak.  Topeka Kansas is a huge culture shock.  Huge.  Really huge.  But, they do have a Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Joann.  So I guess I will live.  We will only be there during the summer months.  We had a taste of Kansas during Christmas.  Snow.  We are warm weather Texans.  Snow isn't really cool for us. Even my dogs looked at me and said "really, huh, you want us to go out there and umm poop and all".  But more about that to come in future posts.  Not the poop, our shock at a slightly slower pace of life that they have there.

For now, I am off.  To actually do some art.  Back soon.


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