Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Using the home made spray inks

Feeling better....but it was 88 degrees yesterday (nope, not a typo) and tommorrow I think 29 degrees.  Sheesh.

But I thought those of you who emailed me might want to see what I did with my new inks.

I used a 4 x 6 stretched canvas (Dick Blick again, cheap when ordered in quantity),
a script stamp, Stazon pad in black, gesso,  molding paste, three or four colors of our newly made inks in spray form, a small piece of unstretched canvas plus a piece of unstretched to fit the front of the canvas itself,  toothbrush and some India ink in black for splatter. Also, I did sewing machine stitching using black thread around the circles.

I started with the gallery wrapped canvas.  I cut a piece of unstretched plain canvas, gessoed and cut to fit the 4 x 6 front.  I could have worked directly on the canvas instead of doing the collage and then gluing to the front.  But then I couldn't have added the stitching around the circles.

I sprayed the gessoed piece with the spray inks.  I got overzealous to finish and didn't write down the colors that I used.  But I used three blues/teal and a magenta.  My spray bottles are good ones and they will allow me to spray a fine mist or heavy color.  I got them from Discount School Supply online.  You can also get bingo daubers from them.  But, I did think the postage was really high.  On top of that, they charge a fuel surcharge. Huh?  Even when gas was low they charged it.  But, the bottles are great and I bite the bullet for those.

When dry, I stamped over the ink with a Stazon black pad and a script stamp. 

Then I smeared on some Golden light molding paste and dragged a fork through it to make texure marks. Let dry well. I then took a small cosmetic sponge and dragged some more ink over the dried paste.

I cut three circles out of some unstretched canvas, glued them to the front of the collage and machine stitched around them twice.  Lastly, I used an old toothbrush and splattered on some India ink in black.

Glue to the front of the canvas.  Trim around the edges if need be and you can paint the sides black. 

Hey, I love it!!


Shabby Cottage Studio said...

I love it Glenda! Did you find the spray paint stayed permanent when you sprayed over it or did the colors blend?

Glenda-TwoCoolTexans said...

Hey Gail, they blend a little. I think you can see if you click on the pic and get a close up. I just did put a sealer on the entire project. My fav--Preserve It.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Thanks Glenda! I'll look a little closer altho these days I don't know how much my eyes see any more. lol And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such your sweet comment!