Tuesday, May 7, 2013

More encaustic cards

Oops, someone told me that onery isn't spelled with an h.  How fun, it does look better.

Forgot to say, I do the art and mount it on a 5 x 7 watercolor card.  They pop right into  a ready made frame.  Inexpensive ones from the craft store work well.

Here are a few more.  You can also just do abstracts on plain paper.  I will do a tutorial on that later on.  So easy and fun.  The wax just melts right into your paper.  I love it.  I don't have to use a grill or pots of encaustic medium and it cuts way down on the heat level and easy to get out and then clean up.

And last night I found that I can also do monotypes.  And stencils.  Getting more ideas as I experiment.

You do need an encaustic iron and Suze Weinberg has a great tool that is a take off on a wood burner with different tips.  I plan to do blog posts on all this, but we are taking some time for a short trip. When i get back.....

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