Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday February 19

Phew, February is moving along so fast. I promised my husband I would take today off and spend it with him. But, I just had to show off my new pieces. I decided to do a series of pieces in which I didn't do so much (or not at all) fibers, beading and such and let a lot more of the felting show. And, I have wanted to do some that I could stitch on Scripture verses with the felting. So, I did four. The first one with the girl and the sheep is currently on Ebay, the others to follow in a week or so. Hope you like these. My husband came in here and claimed the eagle for his desk at work, but then I also have to pay for his valentine's present so he will just have to wait. I will do a larger piece for him but I think he loves that picture so I will use it also.