Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday, May 2

Happy May to you all. Hope that the sun is shining and spring is starting to raise up its head in other parts of the country. We are having storms here, which is actually okay because we need to get off water rations so that we can properly take are of our foliage. No new work but I did take this pic of the husband and two of our furry babies. The cat just doesn't like to have his picture taken. He just likes to make a break for freedom every time the door is open. What, sometimes we go "Jake, don't you like your home". But off he goes every time he can squeeze out and then I have to run outside (usually in my pajamas). Good thing we live in a cul de sac and not on a heavily traveled street. Oh, yes, forgot to mention, the blue blanket lying beside Creed the big red doberman, is one of his security blankets that he carries around all day in his mouth. He has one upstairs and one down. Yes, VERY scarey doberman.