Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Have you all got your Christmas shopping done? I must admit, I have done 99% of all my shopping this year on line. Hey, it works for me. No looking for parking, no lines, no crowds. I hate the shipping that I have to pay sometimes, but I figure gas is expensive also. And, then there is the fact that I have two cars of my own and I absolutely HATE to drive.
But anyway, I have discovered something that I just think is so neat. They are little journals, sketchbooks, notebooks (whatever you need) from Italy called Moleskine. I love them, I am addicted. They are kinda soft, not rigid like most other notebooks and the quality is unbelievable. So, I put a little art on two of them and put them on Etsy. I propped them up beside my computer so I could just look at them. There is probably 50 things I need to do today but I am going to alter another one.