Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! Hope everyone had a wonderful, fun filled day. We went to church and then the family got together for a Texas cook out and Egg hunt. It was a little chilly, so we did the eggs in the house. But it was a lot of fun, very relaxing day.

I did manage to get this piece finished yesterday and get it up on Etsy today. I had to fight with myself to put it up, I think I will have to put another one in the workings for myself. The feathers were found by Bailey and Alexis around the pond and brought to me to use. The little nest I have had in my ummm "hoarded collection" for a while and just never got around to using until now. The cigar box was a gift from the husband last year. He doesn't smoke them but he passed the store and went in and got me some to use. I loved that. So, here it is......

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~*~Patty said...

What an absolute treasure this is! All the more special with special pieces from special people. We have some things in common, collectors (I have a box full of nests) and thoughtful husbands who support our art. I could say the same thing about everything you make Glenda = fantastic, wonderful and more and more adjectives. Love your artwork!