Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Happy Wednesday! It's spring break week in some parts of the Dallas metroplex and I feel sorry for anybody who planned outside activities. It has rained solid for two days and nights. My silly dogs will not go out in the rain no matter what you do. Get an umbrella, go out and sprinkle dog yummies like Hansel and Gretel, beg.......nothing.......nope, they are allergic to water. Soooo, I spent most of yesterday wondering if Creed the big red doberman was going to be able to hold it. Yep, he did. But little Chrissy, the min schnauzer did not. Oh well, if I had to choose, I think I got the best of it.

I did make another collage. I rusted the chain. I am learning and learning how to rust things. Especially the chains, so that they will be the same color more or less as the other rusted pieces of hardware that I use. I used to love Modern Options, but you get such an orange color. Now, I am using Radio Shack's etching solution. It works but it takes forever. I am going to get some muratic acid next time I go out and try that. They tell me it's way faster. I have also tried the "leave the pieces outside for a couple of weeks". I just am not that patient.

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Faye said...

This is so very nice, Glenda. Looks like you have that rusting technique down pat. As to the dogs and water, from what I hear, the rains are really causing much trouble in your section of the country. I don't blame the dogs for not wanting to go out.