Monday, March 31, 2008


Well, it was another interesting day in North Texas. We had another tornado watch. So, it's gather up the pillows, blankets, water, phone and my purse, two dogs and a cat and retreat to a downstairs bathroom. The dogs always know that something is up and just will not cooperate, even with my waving dog yummies and yelling "come on please, come on please". Finally got us all situated but we didn't have to hide out very long. It passed over pretty quickly.
They tell us there is more coming. Most of my neighbors got a new roof after the last big storm. My insurance husband said "duh, hail season isn't even over yet". I think he may prove to be right.
Got some new work done. Hope you like them. They are up on Etsy.


Kim said...

Oh THAT'S where you've been - not really what I'd pictured , but at least you came back out. :)
Gojus art GW. I'm having dinner and a show too!

Rosie said...

Gosh Glenda... that sounds pretty scary. I've never experienced anything like that, just the odd gale force wind here.
Glad to hear you & Jake are doing better though. Beautiful artwork, as ever! :-]

Simple Journeys said...

We gathered up all that same paraphernalia and prepared to 'hunker down' last night as storms swirled around us. Gotta love this Texas weather!

I enjoy your art.

Gillian said...

I enjoy your art so much Glenda, these pieces are no exception:)