Saturday, March 29, 2008

My week

Well, it really was an interesting week. My senior citizen cat, Jake, got really really sick. We thought maybe he wasn't going to make it through, but after an extremely expensive trip to the vet, he is so much better. We thank God for that.

Then the pollen finally got me down for a while, and the time lying down and not being up and at em, gave me trouble with my back. Pathetic, huh? lol Actually, I am not complaining. Jake is yelling at me again and I am wondering what it means in cat language and I am doing some art. Here is what I can't believe I got done.


Gillian said...

This is truly a beautiful piece Glenda, I love the depth it has, the way you have the ribbon draped down like a vine, the main image, and the metal frame is awesome:)

Glad both you and Jake are on the mend:)

Faye said...

Glenda, that is really beautiful. I am amazed you were able to produce such art while feeling bad. Hope you and Kitty are back up to snuff.

Jean Levert Hood said...

I am so glad that Jake is well enough to yell at you!!

This piece is just incredible, Glenda. I am amazed. Gorgeous.

Karen Owen said...

Absolutely gorgeous piece!

~*~Patty said...

WOW, Glenda that's quite a creation for being under the weather, absolutely stunning as is all of your artwork. You have that special touch! Back pain can be so terrible, I am sorry you had that on top of not feeling fair! Hoping you're doing much much better now :)