Thursday, April 10, 2008


Is it Thursday already??? We had a tornado hit down in McKinney last night. I have been sick again (redundant, huh) with the pollen and allergies and had a humidifer going full blast in the bedroom---so, we missed the sirens to warn us. Several others in our neighborhood heard it, but we sure didn't. So, we slept right through it. It destroyed something like 30 homes. I guess I am a little disconcerted that a humidifier could drown out the sounds of the sirens. But, it did.....ugh......

I did manage to finish this piece today. If I don't just get up and do something, I get very melancholic after a few days.


Faye said...

Wow, Glenda! If only I could make that when I'm well. I can't imagine you doing it sick!

So glad the tornados missed you. I sleep with a humidifier, too. That's kind of a scary thought, that you didn't hear the sirens.

sue.besch said...

Hi Glenda
I found your link on the metsy site. Im also in metsy and just started my own blog. I'd like to list your blog in my favorites but dont know how the whole thing works. If you have time would llove to hear from you. Thanks
Sue Besch