Thursday, May 22, 2008


I was watching the news today and last night (big mistake) and I just thought "is there anything good going on out there"? So, I just stopped and made some inspirational tags today. I enjoyed the process very much and loved the quotes that I picked out. They are on Etsy.


Jean Levert Hood said...

Glenda, this post is so true. I find such peace through my art, and if it is a way to spread that peace to others, then we have done something good for our world.

These tags are beautiful. In fact, I like them so much, I just bought them!

Artyfax said...

Hi, they say that "no news is good news", so perhaps keeping away from the daily news is the right thing. But you are right! "Good" news doesn't bring in the viewing figures/ratings. It really is a shame. - John