Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's Tuesday. But of course, I think it's Monday. So, I forgot about Mixed Media Monday and just went on when I realized that, again, I was on the wrong day. Sometimes I watch Court TV and they question everybody on where were you on such and such and what did you do, and what did you say? I can't remember what I ate last night for supper. Oh yes, and then "what year was that"? I am sure they would love to get me on the stand. I know nothing....And I probably never tell the same story twice because each time I tell it I remember extra stuff that I forgot to say the first time. I bettter stay out of court.

Anyway, here is the piece I did today. It's on Etsy........

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akatrix said...

Glenda, when I look at your pieces, it just touches me deeply. I keep trying to figure out what you do that makes my heart leap! You don't need to remember anything as long as you can remember to do art!