Tuesday, April 7, 2009

God Gave Me the Bunny

I don't usually share a lot of personal stuff on my blog. No particular reason, I just don't....but my granddaughter has just set me back a bit lately and I thought I would share. She has just turned four and she goes to a private school where they speak pretty much only Spanish. Very little English. It's one of those immersion ways of learning, that they pretty much have no choice but to learn to speak Spanish. We live in Texas, and it is no longer elective. We have to learn to communicate in Spanish.

Anyway, they had a petting zoo type of thing the other day and she just fell in love with a baby bunny. She cried when she had to leave the bunny and come home. So, being what we are and what we teach them, she asked God for a bunny. Well, today came and her black lab had something hanging from his mouth. You guessed it, a baby bunny. He was covered with slop, saliva. He was all wet. But, she knew that God had given her a bunny. She demanded that Buddy drop that bunny out of his mouth. Well, he did. And she took the baby bunny in her hands to her mother. Okay, so what do you do? God gave her a bunny. Alisha finally told her that that bunny was the Easter bunny and they must return it to it's bed. They did find it's nest and left it there.

The second thing that she did is that they had to go around the other day and tell their favorite tv program. Well, you know they had the usual, Dora the Explorer, The Wiggles, etc. Alexis Grace said "my favorite tv show is Martha Stewart". No more to say. She is coming up right behind her MiMi and her Mother.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

You got tears from me!! This is a wonderful Easter story!! She is a beautiful girl, and her spirit is even more beautiful!! Happy Easter!!
chris p

createitcottage said...

Glenda~ What a great story!! She is beautiful!!



what a precious story.....she's a sweetheart :)

Kathy said...

She is beautiful and Chris (above) is right, her spirit too. What a kind little girl. A nice little whisper from God for her...
Laughing at the Martha Stewart part, to funny. Move over Mimi and Mama.
Beautiful story G

QueenBe said...

At adorable times like that, it makes me sad to see kids grow up! It's a treat everyday to see what they will come up with next. Nice story, Glenda... Carol

Jean Levert Hood said...

ohmygosh, this is just hysterical!! I love it, and when you're thinking the great story is over, you get Martha Stewart!

PCarriker said...

How heartwarming Glenda. Out of the mouths of babes. We all need to look at things through the eyes of a child when it comes to faith.

ArtSnark said...

That is classic! & her mother handled it with grace.

Love the TV program note too.

Similar situation here. The 5 yr olds had to bring in their favorite book. All the kids (but little dude) brought in picture books. Frankie insisted on bringing his current fave, Harry Potter & the half blood prince.

Shabby Cottage Studio said...

Such a wonderful story Glenda and she is absolutely beautiful . I love thee name Grace. I named my kitty Grace...well if I had a little girl I wouldnt have had to give the name to my cat. ;-)