Thursday, July 23, 2009

New collage

Hard as I might try, I cannot get it out of my system to not combine fabrics and paper in my collages these days. Hope you saw Sew Somerset issue that just came out with my "Angel Trio" of three fabric and paper collages that I did. I tried to do something else for a time, I really did, but just went right back to it. Maybe it's these wonderful piles of laces and fabrics that sit beside my work area. They just draw me right in; I have to use them.

But, here is my newest piece. It will be up on Etsy at later on tonight. Hope you like it.



why would you want to stop combining paper and fabric..the results are so extraordinary...this may be one of my favorites...although it would be hard to choose :)

Truly lovely work !!!

Bunny said...

Do not stop doing what you are doing it is absolutely gorgeous. These colours are my favourite. Your work is amazing, very inspiring.

The Rustic Victorian said...

Oh Glenda,
Your work is amazing, stay with what pleases you. I just read the article Angel of Hope in Sew Somerset, and you have a wonderful eye. You get just the right amount of everything in just the right place. I wish I could do that. Annnd you know "when" to stop,,I have a problem in that area. I took KC Willis first class and I still don't know when to quit adding stuff.
I admire you talent, and will look more at your blog.

Marimer said...

Espectacular, la combinación es fantástica, colores, detalles, precioso. Enhorabuena.

Robin said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Celeste Santin said...

I adore it also, and please continue mixing fabric and paper. Love your style Glenda.