Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Melange Team challenge

The Melange team challenge this week is Heavenly. Love that! I was working on an encuastic piece and I used this quote. "I have watched the trees when they pray and I have watched them shout and Sometimes they give thanks slowly and quietly". Pretty Heavenly.

It's a little blurry. It's so hard to photograph encaustic because of the waxy surface. If you click on the image, it does come up a bit larger.



Heavenly indeed.....just beautiful work here, Glenda !!

whyte said...

This is beautiful, Glenda. I haven't had a good feel for what the encaustics are all about, the one's I've seen in the pubs don't seem to get me excited, but your's has such great depth and the wax is just so soft and gorgeous!!

WindandHoney said...

Its truly beautiful and intriguing.