Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Work on Etsy

Back to my roots. Several years ago, I did a lot of bohemian and/or edgy, art with a message. Kinda ran the gambit from one degree to another. I stopped for a bit. But, that type of art with quotes and something meaningful to say, has never left my desire. So, time is perfect to get back in and do some more. This is really what I love. And, I find that I do have art ADD and need to change up, go back and revisit some techniques from the past and even some that Alisha and I developed of our own.

So, here are my first pieces. They are up on Etsy. Hope you like them and maybe they "speak to you".


Silke said...

These are gorgeous, Glenda! I love your compositions, the colors your chose and your messages! Can't wait to see more!! :) Silke

ArtSnark said...

Beautiful, Glenda!

Val said...

Glenda,these are just beautiful pieces! I love them.


Hanne said...

These are stunning! Really beautiful pieces of art!