Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why Do I Do This?

In general, I have let my poor blog go to pathetic. I don't know, I mean to write, but I just don't. I have even been neglecting my art for the most part.
Today, I did do another one of my infamous canvases where I flip it over to the backside and use the little cubbyhole opening to add a picture. I love doing that, don't know why I quit for so long. I guess I tend to do that.

I really really enjoyed doing this one. The photo isn't so good, if you really want to see it, click on it for a better view.


Covered in Chocolate Bakery Shoppe said...

oh this is lovely! I love all your work and its okay to take breaks LOL as long as you do come back to show us the new creations when you get inspired!

Silke said...

This is beautiful! I love all the lace and ribbons you put with the photo. And flipping a canvas over - what a great idea!! Happy New Year to you and your family!! :) Silke