Thursday, September 29, 2011

Transforming ugly fabric challenge Part 2

This reminds me of looking at a blank canvas.  In the classes that I teach, I always said "looking at the white blank canvas is murder, you gotta get started, get something on it".  Well, it was hard with my own fabric.
It had those silly dots on it, but basically it was white.

The first thing I did was to use Distress Reinkers and Mini Misters.  I don't really care for the little misters, but they were sitting there and I decided to try them.  Too little for my liking.  But anyway, I added water to the mister and 8 drops of Old Paper reinker.  Sprayed the fabric randomly.  Didn't show up very well.  So, for the next go round, I added 15 drops of Antique Linen.  Better.

Now, better.  But it kinda looks like some weird animal print.  But, I got a start and I think next I will find my gelli plate to do monoprints and give that a go.  Or stencil....remains to be seen.

I will talk next time about these fabulous new on the market gelatin plates that you don't have to mix and stir and put in the fridge and so forth.  I LOVE them.  But, they are pricey.  Still, gelatin plates really aren't all that cheap to make and they don't last well at all.  Alisha decided to try and make hers and she didn't do really well.  So, we are looking to buy some more plates.  Maybe Interweave Press will have a sale.

Bye for now

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