Monday, September 26, 2011

Transforming Ugly Fabric challenge

I got a hard time from Alisha (the other TwoCoolTexan) and she tells me that this fabric is not ugly.  I think it is.  She thinks hers is uglier.  Well, we will see.

I haven't decided quite yet what direction to go in.  I am sure that it will include some screen printing though.  I found this way neat site that the gals sell thermofax screens with the designs on them.  That sounds good to me, so I bought several.  I don't have room to find and purchase a thermofax machine and make my own.  So, I did find a gal on Etsy who will make them for you and then I found this other site.  From memory, I think her name is Marcy Tilton. Since I am anxious to try out one of the screens, I feel like it will end up on my "ugly fabric".  So, stay tuned......

Here it is...(above).  Someday I will get better at placing things on my posts.

Okay, Alisha, your turn.  See to see her posts and her "ugly".

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