Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I always say I am going to do better

I have slipped again.  Alisha and I are always saying that we are going to do better on the blog issue.  And then life just gets in the way.  But, I have not slidden off the face of the earth, just not making good use of my time I guess.

Anyway, I am making a New Year's resolution to get a blog post done at least once a week.  I hope that works better than the exercize resolutions.

My shops are on vacation.  Time to just take a break.  I have kinda gotten to doing more of the commercial thing instead of paying attention to the type of art which I love.  I hope to change all that after the first of the year. More fine art, less making what sells.  At least I am going to try.  Basically, I just love to support all my art addictions with my sales.  At least that is what I tell myself.

I am trying to buy a thermofax machine.  Yep, me and all the tatoo artists.  I cannot get one as of yet.  I want one of the new models and not a 100 year old 3M model.  So, I sure hope to score one and do a bunch of screen printing.  I have been purchasing the screens from others and that does seem to cramp one's experiments when you have to wait weeks and pay 15.00 plus shipping to get one screen done.  Hopefully, I can get one soon.  I thought that tatooing was kinda slowing down, but evidently not.  Somebody is buying up all those imagers.  I do know though that a lot of artists have found that it is the easiest and best way to get a print onto canvas, fabric, or paper. 

Off I go.  Hopefully, back soon.


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MelissaQ said...

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