Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Alcohol ink painting

Well, life has changed quite a bit.  But I am still doing my art, I guess I will for the rest of my life.  You know that saying "art helps me breathe".  So true here.  But, at times it does get a little stale and you need to try some different mediums.

I have found something that we all probably did several years ago.  Alcohol inks.  We smeared a little here and there on shiny paper and used the piece for collage or maybe did some dominoes.  Somehow or another I saw some gals using alcohol inks as well, a painting medium. 

Still do some smearing and such, but I love, love, love it for taking it farther.  You never know what the inks are going to do, they are so unpredicable.  I think that is what makes it fascinating.

As when I started encaustics years ago, there is not much in the way of tutorials or nary a book to look at.  Maybe that is good, makes me dig deeper.  There are a few selling dvds; for beginners they look okay.  I am still searching.  Utube has some good ideas.

But, I am so excited, I had to blog again.  Here are a few of my new "babies".  If you are experimenting with alcohol inks, please send me a post or email.  I need some company.



 I have some more that I want to share, but it seems that my "pictures" isn't showing me the images.
Will try again later.







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