Thursday, May 29, 2014

More alcohol ink art

These are the three pieces that I did on yupo (a synthetic paper that is smooth and indestructible).
I cut a piece of the yupo, did the artwork, and then mounted it onto a 6 x 12 hardboard canvas.  I get the canvases through Dick Blick and since I found them, I do all of my encaustic wax pieces on them and most of my alcohol ink pieces that I mount. They don't cost much more and they don't sag, or any of the other problems with gallery wrapped canvas.  Last forever.

I will talk more about the process of using alcohol inks and about the yupo in a later short tutorial.  Where I get my stuff, the different types of inks, the wonderful yupo, etc.

But for now, here are my three pieces.  If any of you know me, you are probably gasping.  I tend to be a brownish, blackish, neutral type of artist.  For 15 years or so, bright colors just didn't appeal to me.  But, now I have either been taken over by aliens or I just needed to freshen up my pieces.  My daughter nearly fainted.  She has been trying to get me to add color for years.  Okay, Alisha, I DID.

I am not sure that I have comments that can be posted or if I some time in the past made them so that I had to release every one, so if you should want to email, email me at
Hope to hear from others who are inking or want to, or even want to trade small works.

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