Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alcohol ink painting with markers

I have decided that summer just isn't a great time to get any art done.  Life keeps on getting in the way.  Having fun with the grandkids, but missing my time to do some serious art.  Since I found out that alcohol inks were so versatile and there is so much more to experiment with, I guess my mind keeps floating away to my art room.

I did manage to expand a bit and found out that hey, if you don't have all the colors of alcohol ink that you might want and you did have some alcohol markers, a great piece could be done with using the markers.  Also, you can buy from my favorite Dick Blick online, a fairly large set of Prismacolor makers for not so very much.  Just make sure that you are buying alcohol markers and not waterbased. 

I did this piece with just markers, a small applicator bottle filled with 91% alcohol from Walgreens, a blender pen for alcohol markers, and of course, some yupo.  I am still in awe of the colorful, shiney images that you can do.  The inks just make everything look good.  I matted this one with a black mat.  Every time I look at it, I think "what happened to me, I used to work basically in earth tones".  Nice change.

Oh yes, Copic markers are alcohol based.  I think they probably say "solvent based".  They are gorgeous and they do sell the refills.  I just love them, but I find the refill bottle to be hard to use straight from the tip and I waste a lot. 

Here is my latest.  Again, just using markers. 

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