Monday, July 7, 2014

Getting started in alcohol ink painting

Finally gave up and sent for a new scanner.   Oooooh, I love it.  So, I really should be able to stop promising and get some new work up.  Have to take time to do some pieces with my granddaughter also.  She jumps around like a bunny, choosing one art medium and then another.  Wonder where she gets that.

Alcohol inks seem to be getting very popular.  I have noticed that more people are creating using the inks and wow lots of new works on Etsy.  Lots of downloads and prints for sale.  Reserving judgment.  I believe the beauty of working the inks is partly the yupo paper most of us work on.  But then I haven't tried printing anything of mine.  Can't print on the yupo.  I didn't even try with all the warnings on their website.  It is polyester, guess it isn't friendly with printer ink.

You can work on ceramic tiles rather than the yupo.  Haven't done that either.  I am stuck on this yupo.  If you want to try, Dick Blick sells yupo in pads.  If you want the thicker stuff, you have to go to the website for yupo and order a ream.  But, one can certainly get started with the pads.

As for the inks, I use Ranger inks, available at most craft stores, Spectrum alcohol pen refills which I get from Blick and Pinata inks, which are difficult to find. Pinata is the only brand that has a white, I am still experimenting to find a substitute.

I also used canned air to blow the ink around.  Here is a flower piece done with the canned air. Office Depot calls it "cleaning duster". 

This is the piece that my granddaughter did with the canned air.  I will frame it for her room.  Not bad, huh?


Join me in trying alcohol ink painting.  There is soooo much more!

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