Monday, July 27, 2015

Just relaxing with the greyhound

I think I blogged about this before, but if I did it was a bit ago. We went to the Mercantile building in Frisco, Texas (I never know what to call it, it isn't a flea market or an antique mall but has booths for commercial products an art) and ending up adopting a retired racer greyhound. We had to be checked out and had a home visit with the sponsors before we could bring him home.

He had this awful name, I won't even repeat it.  So, we immediately changed it.  His new name is Chase.  Appropriate huh?  He was 5 years old which is about when they retire them.  He raced in over 110 races, but we don't know how many he won.

He never met a cat, a small dog, stairs and he definitely had not been loved.  We conquered all those things.  But, I still get upset when I see his legs.  They are so scarred up.  Taking him to a new vet a couple of times means explaining that we have not abused him.  Makes me sad.  But we know he loves us and when he gets excited he still hurts himself on the various forms of steps in and outside out home.  He is the most sensitive and sweet dog we have ever had.

Here is a recent pic of Chase.  He has five M and M pillows.  He carries them everywhere.  He even, umm, takes them outside then accidentally pees on them.  So, we need a lot.  He also has a Tony the Tiger pillow but for now, it is missing in action.

Here is our sweet boy.

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