Monday, August 31, 2015

Missing in action......again

I know, I was going to post more often.  Fell off that wagon again.  But I do have news.

We sold our home in Topeka, but the husband still wanted a weekend getaway.  So, we have now bought a home in the country here in Texas.  We are thinking about making it our permanent home.
We are in the process of selling the home in Mckinney and downsizing.  We really need to.  It is too big for us now.  I am trying not to be impatient.  The country place needs a ton of work.  So, it may be a while before we can move.

My scanner and computer are boxed up and I cannot add pictures from my ipad.  At least if I can, I havent figured it out yet.  And I have no wifi or even tv up there.

I did join Dailypaintworks but cant put anything else up there for now. I think I am going to like it though.  Most of the artists work small, like I love.

No pictures, but hey, I did update.  Lord willing, we will sell this home in Mckinney quickly and I can get back to making some paintings!!!

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