Sunday, October 25, 2015

Yes, missing again

I know, missing again.  But this time, we have been moving and painting and moving and painting and putting in flooring.

We did move to the country.  It is a home with big possibilities but more work than we could have ever thought. If you have ever watched that awesome show Fixer Upper about The Gaines family from Waco, Texas, who buys homes and pretty much "guts" them and makes a beautiful home.  Well, I wish we had hired them.  But, we didn't.  And we are trying to do all of it ourselves.  There is not one single room that didn't need tons and tons of work.  I will show you some of the pictures of the outside, but I would be so embarrassed to show the inside.

Okay, here goes.  I have some more but have realized that I am too inept about this stuff to move a photo from my ipad to my documents.  So, I will be nostalgic and take some pictures with my camera and post some more later.

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