Friday, December 11, 2015

Living in the Country-part 1

This city girl has definitely moved to the country.  The neighbors are awesome...friendly and offer to help.  We love it!!!  But, it is the "critters" that have been such a surprise.  We don't live in a neighborhood as such, but we do have neighbors.  We have animal neighbors that are a surprise every day.  Some we cannot figure out why we see them one day and then not again for many days.  We figure it could be that some of the land owners have grazing property that go way way back from their house and the road so that they move them around.  I am determined to get many pictures to show.  I just now have figured out how to get the camera pictures loaded onto my computer, so things are easier.

Anyhow, we went to the Haverty furniture store in Dallas the other day and the awesome girl who was out "consultant" and I were talking about our move and she said I should blog and write some of the crazy, incredible things that we have come across.  I will write a little every day (hopefully).

First of all, it would seem that people sometimes move away and leave their animals.  We had the pleasure of being part of Sophie"s life for a while.  She was the neighborhood dog who stayed here when this house was sold.  We were absolutely crazy about her but now she is gone.  It seemed that she was a bit of a problem for the new parents and their chickens.  I will say no more.  I wish I had a picture of her, but I don't think I have one that is clear enough to show.  We keep hoping that maybe she will show back up one day. We miss her terribly.  She was a free spirit and went visiting from house to house during the days.  Our animals miss her too.  They still look for her to come up in the back and run in the house when the door is opened.

The guys who delivered some furniture told us that they had delivered couches to a family who had two big dogs on the porch PLUS a deer lying there with a collar on.  They got to pet them all.

But back to the dogs.  The electrician who came said that when he moved onto his land that they found a husky, still in a pen, but with food and water for a time.  He said that the dog is now his best friend.  Good good ending.

Here is a picture of our pond, which we share with The Sullivans behind us.  He comes out and trains his dogs to hunt I guess ducks, by throwing things in the water and the dogs swim and bring them back.

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