Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Alcohol inks new projects

Sorry, I haven't done encaustics, which is my main art for a long long time.  I miss doing wax and also doing collage work.

It has now been five months since we moved to the country in Texas.  It has been wonderful and it has been a real test of our faith.  Our big beautiful home in McKinney did sell and so I can't go home and then get myself into a grand funk anymore.  No home to go and pull the covers over my head and wonder why in the world we have done this.  Yes, we needed to downsize, but no not into a home that should be on Fixer Upper.  Well, enough of that.  I will depress my own self.  And I am an extremely happy person to be an artist.  Guess I couldn't write music.  Although a certain rock and roll star who bought a lot of my work did ask me one evening to write her next song.  That was hard to answer gently.  I think she was a bit ummm, confused.

I am still doing alcohol ink work.  I love it and I am doing lots of new pieces.  But  I am anxious to move into some other areas.

Here are some new pieces

Hmm, I am sure I should know how to space these, but I don't.
I am planning to do lots of new pieces called "affordable art." My work is affordable, but even more affordable.  I want to do some quick, yet colorful and neat pieces that I can put up on Etsy and sell for around 12.50.  Without mats, etc.  The pieces can be added to a card front OR matted and framed.  Even glued to the front of a small canvas from one of the craft stores. 
Look for them in the twocooltexans store coming soon.  

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