Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fabric and fiber art we go

This is really hilarious.  If you knew me, and you knew Alisha, you would immediately smile when you see the way the two of us have started out.  My work is slow, very slow, and is probably as monochromatic as one can get.

Alisha, on the other hand, is not slow, not scared of anything.  So, in the water she jumps.  I wade in an inch at a time.  She uses a lot more color; however, Alisha, your color wheel only has earth tones on it.  (Big smile).  We are both so predictable.

So, here is her progress on her blog  and here is my progress.

First, I did what the magazine said to. I did use a Quilting Arts magazine which has the same type of book cover in it along using with the hardback book. The girl in the QA mag said to start out by laying your strips of fabric onto fusible interfacing and then weaving the strips across the warp and waft. I will not do that again. I cannot weave, it all gets jumbled up and what a mess.

Since I already have my first set of strips laid out on the interfacing, I am not going to pull them off.
So, I just fused them down.  I will figure out the rest later.  Weaving, NO.  Laying out strips, okay.

Now, I cut some French dictionary pages and laid a few of them out on my piece. Which is big. If you try this, be smarter than I was and do something smaller. The photography came out dark.

I am at the point now where I must figure out about the interfacing situation.  So, I just used a press cloth and fused the strips that I have done down well and removed the fabrics and hoped that I had enough of them close enough together so that the whole thing would not fall apart.  Yipeee, it did not. It held together well and I did do a little stitching on it just in case.
More tommorrow.

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