Thursday, August 4, 2011

More on the book cover fabric and fiber art challenge

Alisha came over today and brought her book cover.  It is finished.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  So, I am way behind.  Mine isn't going to look that good, but I have learned several things and next time I will use more color and a few different techniques.  I liked this one as it is progressing and I just had a little trouble thinking that I might ruin it.  But IT IS definitely monochromatic.  Lovely creamy beiges.

After I removed my first rows of fabric strips and my random French dictionary pages from the interfacing, I ironed the piece onto off white wool and rayon felt.  Okay, now I had some stability.  I also took a few stitches across the piece to add even more stability.  And, because I am an overachiever.

I also swiped it with some Distress Inks.  I wanted to add some depth. 

Then, I added some more fabric strips (hard to see, beigey quilt fabric).  I also took an Indian wood block that I have and stamped all over with the Distress Ink in brown.  Unfortunately, as I progressed on the piece, I lost the subtle detail of the stamp. 

I will be adding some scrim and some vintage lace tommorrow. 

I am glad I didn't bet Alisha.  She is definitely going to win this challenge.  Wonder if I could talk her out of her book cover?  Naaaaaa. 

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