Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Making a fabric art book cover challenge....almost finished

I am crawling very slowly in getting this finished.  Having some sinus issues.  But fighting the good fight and know that it will pass soon.  Rain might just help.  I heard there was some rain up by the Red River area yesterday.  Come here!  Our neighborhood has gotten word from the city that they have to ration water to the common areas.  So, our association is going to concentrate on the trees and some of the bushes and I guess let the grass go.  I do know that we use a lot of recycled water, but I guess we need more rationing than that.  It's been a strange year.

But I did manage to make a decision about my cover.  I know that Alisha Alisha's blog is going to do something fancy for her closure.  I decided to just wrap my cover, take some stitches to hold it on and it could be removed to add another journal later.  Works for me. 
I am going to try to put some more trims on it today and will check in again tommorrow.

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