Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to transform ugly fabric

Alisha and I are working on a new project.  It is called "the ugly duckling".  Well, sort of.  We are searching for our most promising cast off fabric and we are going to do a challenge to transform ugly into a piece of fabric that we can use for something constructive.

We have been hashing out the details.  We decided not to "cramp our creativity, ahem, lol" and just stare at the unlovely piece until we get some inspiration.  Then we can go about adding monotype prints, screen prints or whatever.  I am getting back into needle felting and I guess I want to add it to everything.  So, on mine, some little pieces of wool could show up punched into the fabric. Anything goes.  I always seem to want to go in a direction that is totally against the guidelines that we choose.

So.....stay tuned.  If you would like to join in, just find yourself a really ugly or plain and unseemly piece of fabric about 11 x 14 and you can join in.  We would love that and then we will show your transformation on both our blogs.

We may open up the comments section again.  Got tired of foreign looking stuff showing up, so closed it for now.  Who knows what they said.  Some turned out to be porn, so shut off the comments.   But then again, who would be able to read it....hmmmm.

Glenda and Alisha

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jackienichols71 said...

hi glenda, happy to see you back, have missed you.