Saturday, July 18, 2015

More alcohol inks

A few more alcohol ink pieces.  I have been remiss in writing because the husband and I have decided to purchase a small home at the lake (Lake Texoma) and we have been going back and forth to see what was available.  I think we exhausted the little cabins in our price range, so we will try again in the fall.  This is a huge compromise as my husband, who is a bit of a prepper (he started canning food and he is learning how to catch rain water or something for drinking in an emergency).
Okay, yes, he needs something to do.  Anyway, he wanted to get 22 acres in mid-Texas and live in the woods (ugh), so I freaked out and decided to help him find something NOT on 22 acres in the woods.

I promised myself that I would not stop blogging, so here are a few of the alcohol pieces that I have done.

The second picture is on a frosted subway tile.  My local Home Depot and Lowe's didn't have these so I had to send from them.  I use a very great company named Tile Bar.  You can send for samples for a reasonable price and try them out.  Their stock does change constantly, but so far, so good for what I needed.  The tiles are a great way to start with alcohol ink.  You can wipe them off with alcohol and start over if you hate what you have done.

Off to join the circus.  I am determined to get back to impasto today.

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